Writing is easy, except when it isn’t

I’m Suw Charman-Anderson, and I have a lot of experience of writing. I have worked as a music journalist and as a tech journalist and columnist, I’ve been on a news website launch team, and I’ve written reports, opinion pieces and hundreds of blog posts. I’ve edited two non-fiction anthologies and written novellas, short stories, a novel, a feature film script, and a six-part TV show.

But I’ve also spent an awful lot of time not writing.

I’ve had periods where I’ve just had no ideas, or I’ve had ideas but been unable to work on them, or have started a project but then it’s fallen by the wayside. I’ve had writers block. I’ve got so deep in the research weeds I couldn’t start writing. I have had periods of clinical depression where I couldn’t even think, let alone write. I’ve been too stressed, too tired, too busy, too poor and too scared to write.

Where others are experts in writing, I am an expert in not writing. And it was never once down to a lack of willpower. There’s always something else going on.

In Why Aren’t I Writing?, I’m going to explore all the reasons why writing can sometimes be really, really difficult. And I’m going to dig for answers that might make writing just that little bit easier. Because I’ve developed a robust writing habit, and if I can, you can too.

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Lots of us want to write, whether it's a screenplay, novel, PhD thesis, memoir or anything else. But writing is easier said than done. So, if you're stuck, let me help you get past your writing blocks.


Suw Charman-Anderson

Writer. Journalist. Activist. Founder of Ada Lovelace Day.