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I love the scrawling “fuck off” thing. And agree with the construction of resilience as a verb.

I recently had some feedback I thought was unfair. Boiling with white hot rage, I was positive and pleasant to everyone on the way home and the positive and pleasant reactions I got back cheered me up immensely.

One thing I sometimes do while walking the dog by the river is to say hello to everyone I encounter. Some people look at me like I’m weird. Some people ignore me. Some people respond positively. One Portuguese man had an animated and charming conversation with me about music.

As my day job has a sales element to it, I face regular rejection and I need a reminder that sometimes it is just them.

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I didn’t know the goldfish trivia you shared… really? Thank you for sharing your story. It’s heart wrenching these submissions and rejections. Keep trying and keep the faith. What’s your plan b?

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I don't know where the idea that goldfish have a very short memory comes from, but it's not true and we've known it's not true for decades. Goldfish memories can reach back months, even years, and they are capable of learning – even learning tricks. They're quite smart little fish, really.


And yes, rejections are tedious, and all one can do is keep trying. I don't really have difference plans. I joke about finding an income to 'support my writing habit' but in many ways that's the plain truth. Writing won't pay, so I have to find a way to structure my life so that I can write as much as I want to. That can be the only plan. And I'll keep working on that until I find the answer!

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I like your plan! Do ket me know when you figure it out. And keep writing!

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