I totally get where that disgruntled person was coming from but it's true!

I think often we want to rebel against the 2 minute tiny habit idea because we have grander ideas and ambitions. And we think we need wide open undisturbed time to create. But a few mins a few days a week really does (annoyingly) compound.

The biggest game changer for me has been not keeping my phone in my bedroom. And doing my writing *before* I start scrolling and opening apps. I don't always achieve it as the phone addiction is strong! But I've been doing it for a few years and that morning writing time has transformed.

Great piece and reminder! Thank you 😊

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Your break down of actions reminded me of what Austin Kleon says: "forget the noun, do the verb" (it's in his second book, "Keep Going").

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I liked James Clear’s book and want to recommend another great read, Katy Milkman’s How to change.

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Good post. The habit thing definitely works and, as you say, is the opposite of the dreaded self-discipline

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I just finished reading this book too! I loved what you had to say here about how writing isn't rewarding in the short term--that's something I'm really struggling with right now.

Nothing intelligent to say here beyond that I enjoyed reading this and I'm glad you took the time to write it. :)

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